This site is dedicated to His Uni-Being Endlessness*, our Creator…and to his Creator Sons, to Metatron, the Archangels and the Angels.
Without them there would be no Art Photography nor even a context for any such thing.
Plus, I would personally and specifically express my deepest Life Appreciation and Heartfelt Gratefulness to the Angels of Water, Angels of Earth, Angels of Air, Angels of Fire and the myriad other Angels who assist in keeping our Universe moving round and round.
My photography is additionally dedicated to all those who would enjoy these samples of personal self-expression through the visual arts. Thank you for your kind and childlike focus in the Heart!

Please note that under each photo is a series of numbers. These have been discovered through Pendulum Dowsing** and represent the vibrational or dimensional values of that particular photograpn. The Chakras ("wheels" in Sanskrit) most closely associated with the Human Subtle Energy System, in and around the physical body are numbered from Chakra Zero up to Chakra 9 (See diagrams below).
Many of these works vibrate to Chakras well beyond 9, with some as high as Chakra 51. Please also note that Chakras also represent Dimensions and that anything that vibrates to a certain higher Chakra or Dimension also gives access or a gateway into that Dimension. It also includes the ability to draw information, lessons, examples and models of consciousness available on those levels. The multi-dimensional value of any work of Art depends on scale, colour, composition, form, flow, movement, several other frequencies and most importantly - Conscious Intention.... the aim always being the creation of Objective Art.
Thus, any works of self-expression coming from evolved consciousness and having the all-important intentional context of raising the general levels of Conscious Awareness may also be utilized as personal stepping-stones in one’s own journey. Such "works of self-expressions" may include authoring, architecture, dance, music and song, painting, sculpture, interior-design, photography, collage, nature-design, fashion design, party and gathering-design and many-many other forms of self-expression.

It is recommended that you enjoy these images as follows:

  1) Experience these - and all arts - through the HEART. There is a time and place for mindful criticism and evaluation. Yet to achieve the highest and best use: see and experience through the Heart. If you are a very mental type, first think of someone or something (baby, plant, pet, home) you love a great deal. Then once your Heart is open, experience that given work of art through the Heart, leaving aside or avoiding all subjective mental judgments, quantifications, comparisons and the like. If you stray, simply re-focus in your Heart.

  2) It is best to experience all art-expressions as if you were a child. Revert to your innocent time of four, five or six years of age. Revert to a time of unlearned, simplicity, purity and a time of experiencing fully even to the extent of you becoming that piece of work and of it becoming you. Let it absorb you as you absorb it. "Grok"*** it in all its fullness of infinite possibilities.


*    An expression created by G.I. Gurdjieff.

**   Pendulum Dowsing is the use of a hand-held hanging weight which is moved by the involuntary muscle system of the body in answer to specific questions, and which indicates or shows outside that which is inside -- the answers having come from the Subconscious-Intuitive part of ourselves.

*** "Grok" is a term popularized in the 1960’s which comes from the Science Fiction Novel "Stranger in a Strange Land" by Robert Heinlein. To "grok" is not merely to understand, to "get", to comprehend, to grasp, to discern, to perceive, to sense....but is all of this and much more – implying such a complete and instant oneness with some object, place, concept, or person that one identifies with so fully and completely that it seems that such an outside object is no longer "outside" of oneself but has become one with the observer. In addition, the idea of "grokking" something (though this term was invented by R. Heinlein) is in reality a very ancient concept describing the skill or ability of grasping-understanding-getting something on a much higher and deeper level than one is used to in everyday life. For example in looking at a wooden chair you not only see the chair but grasp its history from the time it was a tree, through its design and manufacture and history of use until the present moment, and into its future until it returns to dust - all in one glance. It is an ability and skill which may be learned through consciousness-expanding-exercises such as those presented in "The Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution", a book by P.D. Ouspensky.


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